Best answer: Does reporting comments on YouTube freeze the views?

This is not true! there is no effect on views if you comment emoji on youtube videos!

What happens when I report a YouTube comment?

We rely on YouTube community members to report, or flag content that they find inappropriate. Reporting content is anonymous, so other users can’t tell who made the report. When something is reported, it’s not automatically taken down. … Content that violates our Community Guidelines is removed from YouTube.

Do YouTube comments affect views?

It won’t. Comments are irrelevant as they can be turned off by the channel owner or disabled by YT, the same way the like/dislike ratio and tags are also irrelevant to the algorithm.

Do comments affect views?

1. Comments appear to be an influential ranking factor. We found that a video’s comment count strongly correlates with higher rankings. 2. Longer videos significantly outperform shorter videos.

Does spamming comments delete views on YouTube?

Will deleting spam comments have a bad impact on my videos or YouTube account? – Quora. There will be no bad impact by deleting them. Leaving them may have a (very very small) benefit in the algorithm, but also makes your video’s page look a little scuzzy to viewers. …

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Do reported comments get deleted?

Because when you report a comment, you submit that reported comment to IG head office to be reviewed by them. And yeah, that report thing will delete the comment and you can’t undo it. So, if you want to report thing, report it carefully.

How many reports does it take to delete a YouTube video?

How many reports are necessary for a video takedown on YouTube? – Quora. Just One Copyright Takedown Request or Community Guidelines Strike will take down the video. In addition, three such strikes within a 90 day period will disable monetization and/or delete the channel and all its contents .

Can YouTube stop you from commenting?

If the video has any controversial content, the video creator may block comments to prevent any unwanted messages or spam. Additionally, if the video is made for children, comments are turned off by default.

How are YouTube views counted?

YouTube wants to make sure that video views are coming from real people. That’s why a YouTube view is only counted when the following two criteria apply: A user intentionally initiates the watching of a video. The user watches it on the platform for at least 30 seconds.

Is it good to disable comments?

The Comments Hold no Value

If most of the comments don’t inspire conversation between users or don’t valuably contribute to your brand, consider disabling them. Comments should allow you to learn something about your company or provide positive information to other potential customers.

Is it good to reply to comments on YouTube?

Visibility. An additional benefit to answering your YouTube comments is that this continued conversation leads to increased visibility in YouTube and Google search results. The more comments and interaction one of your videos has, the more value YouTube’s & Google’s search algorithm places on it for certain searches.

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Should you respond to every comment on YouTube?

Our general recommendation is that you respond to every single comment on your channel but eventually, as your channel grows that’s going to become impossible.

Should I allow all comments on YouTube?

Allow all comments

Viewers can still report inappropriate comments and spam. Comments that violate our Community Guidelines may be removed. Comments that are likely spam may be automatically held for review in YouTube Studio for up to 60 days.

Do Comments freeze views?

No. Comments on a video is not related to view count.

Does Emojis freeze views on YouTube?

14)Emojis don’t freeze the views but the best is being cautious so don’t use them while commenting.