Question: How long do comment bans last on Facebook?

Facebook’s penalties range from being blocked from posting to being cut off from logging into your account. These sentences can last from just a couple of hours to up to 21 days.

How long is a commenting ban on Facebook?

If this is the first time you’ve had a feature restriction, this usually lasts between 24-48 hours.

How long does a commenting ban last?

A typical block will last 24–48 hours.

How do you unban a comment on Facebook?

Go to your Page and tap More. Tap Settings. Tap People and Other Pages then tap Banned People and Pages. Tap Unban next to the name of the person you want to unban.

Why did Facebook block me from commenting?

We may block people from doing something on Facebook when: Something you posted or shared seems suspicious or abusive to our security systems. Messages or friend requests you sent were marked unwelcome. You’ve done something that doesn’t follow our Community Standards.

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How do I know if I’m in Facebook jail?

This is how you know you’ve landed in Facebook jail:

  1. You lost your account’s ability to post on your timeline or on any pages or groups.
  2. You’re not able to like anyone else’s posts or pictures.
  3. You cannot comment anywhere on the social platform.
  4. You are blocked from accessing your page or account.

How do I post on Facebook if im banned?

To do this, create a new Facebook account. Make sure this account has friends, a profile picture, and a credible name. You will use it while your ban lasts and in the future as a “backup account” for any potential unfortunate events of that kind. Provide your friend with the e-mail address of your new account.

What does comments on this post are limited mean?

The message “Comments on this post has been limited” means that the user has controlled who can comment on their posts in their privacy settings. Only a selected group of people such as their followers can comment on their posts.

Can a Youtuber Hide Your comments?

You can hide comments from specific viewers from showing on your channel. Additionally, their comments won’t show on your Comments page in YouTube Studio.

How do I unban myself from commenting on TikTok?

To submit an appeal: 1. Locate the notification in your TikTok inbox. 2.

Tap Submit an appeal.

  1. Go to the video.
  2. Tap Community Guidelines violation: See details.
  3. Tap Submit an appeal.
  4. Follow the instructions provided.

What happens when you get banned from Facebook?

What happens when you get banned from Facebook? … You can’t post anything, can’t launch, start or even stop advertising campaigns in Ads Manager, can’t respond to other Facebook users (your customers) – can’t do anything. A lot of people report getting banned from Facebook for no reason.

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How many times can you comment on Facebook?

The basic rule: five posts, per commenter, per article, per day.

Why can’t I comment on my own Facebook posts?

Posts can have comments disabled by their owner, and a post you can only see because it’s shared might have an original setting “comments by friends only.” The general principle with all posts is the original owner or the group it was posted in always controls the privacy of a post no matter where it appears.

Why can’t I type comments on Facebook?

Sometimes it’s as simple as refreshing the web page or resetting your internet connection. Other times, the issue might have to do with the privacy and notification settings put in place by the account or page you’re trying to comment on.

Why am I temporarily restricted on Facebook?

Temporary blocks from sharing posts on Facebook can happen if you’ve: Posted a lot in a short amount of time. Shared posts that were marked as unwelcome. Shared something that goes against our Community Standards.

Why does Facebook block you for 72 hours?

Here’s what’s happening: Due to an apparent glitch, Facebook is banning some users for 72 hours as a “security precaution.” However, even that lengthy time frame proved inadequate, as users, myself included, have experienced longer bans than the aforementioned.