Quick Answer: Can a Facebook group charge a fee?

Facebook will now let group administrators start charging $4.99 to $29.99 a month for exclusive membership in certain groups, the company announced today in a blog post. Parenting, cooking, and home cleaning groups will be the first ones to get the new feature as part of an early test.

Can I charge for Facebook groups?

As far as payments go, it’s up to you how much you want to charge your supporters. Most Facebook subscription fees range between $4.99 and $29.99 per month. However, note that to qualify for this monetization feature, you need an existing page with: At least 10,000 followers, or.

How do you charge a private Facebook group?

How to Create a Paid Private Facebook Group

  1. Choose a Group Title (and a Purpose) Before you can pick the title, you need a purpose for your group. …
  2. Set Up the Group. …
  3. Set the Price. …
  4. Set Up the Payments. …
  5. Create a Landing Page. …
  6. Get Some Early Adapters and Active Members.

Are Facebook group admins paid?

You can earn money from a Facebook group as an admin, moderator, and member. Secondly, you don’t need to own a group to make money. However, owning a group has many benefits, including the ability to control settings, activities, and announcements.

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Can I sell Facebook group?

Facebook says the practice falls under the “spam” section of its Community Standards rules although there is no specific line that says this. “We do not allow people to sell site privileges on Facebook, which includes selling admin roles or space on a page or group to display a third-party ad.

How do online Facebook groups make money?

12 Ways To Monetize A Facebook Group

  1. Sell products or services directly to group members.
  2. Charge a subscription.
  3. Generate leads.
  4. Offer additional services to your main offering – e.g. coaching or mentoring.
  5. Sell tickets to webinars.
  6. Sell other people’s products and services (affiliate marketing)

How do you make money from groups?

That’s a Wrap!

  1. Grow Your Group & Opportunity. …
  2. Sell Print-on-Demand Merchandise. …
  3. Create a Paid ‘Premium’ Group. …
  4. Create (and sell) a Course to Help Others. …
  5. Sell Ad Space in Your Group. …
  6. Leads and List-Building. …
  7. Keep Engagement High.

How can I make money from my Facebook group?

10 Easy Ways to Monetize your Facebook Group

  1. Brand Partnerships.
  2. Facebook Brand Collab Manager.
  3. Start a business on the needs of your community.
  4. Connect buyers and sellers.
  5. Conduct offline or online workshops.
  6. Offer paid courses.
  7. Collaboration with experts, mompreneurs, and local entrepreneurs.
  8. Bulk deals from companies.

What is considered a large Facebook group?

Your Facebook group should have 200+ members.

A Facebook group with at least 500 members is often considered to have reached “critical mass” and will start growing by itself.