You asked: How do I go live on my Facebook page?

How do I enable live on my Facebook page?

Go Live on Desktop or Laptop Computer

  1. Go to
  2. Select whether you are broadcasting to your timeline, a Page you manage, or a group.
  3. Select whether you would like to Go Live Now or Schedule a Live Video for a future time and date, then tap Next. …
  4. Determine your video source in Stream Setup.

Why can’t I go live on my Facebook business page?

If you are live streaming using your mobile device, you need to make sure that you use the official Facebook Pages app NOT the standard Facebook app. … It is important to note that with the Facebook Pages app you can not make the live stream private or restrict access to it (unlike when using the Facebook Profile app).

Where is Facebook live on a page?

Step 1: In the Facebook mobile application, go to your Facebook page. Step 2: Tap the “Publish” button located under the page’s profile picture. Step 3: Tap “Live Video” in the new window that appears.

How do I join a Facebook live event?

Simply click on the Events tab and click on Your Events as long as you have been invited to the event. Then, click “Join Live” once the event has started. If Facebook Live is being run through a post on someone’s group or personal page, then click on the streaming video on the page to join the live event.

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Why can I not go live on Facebook?

Perhaps Facebook Live is not working properly because of issues with your Internet connection to the Facebook servers. To get around these issues, you can try using a VPN. … It is an easy-to-use and fast VPN service.

How do you Live Video on Facebook business page?

Just open the Facebook home page of your Profile or Page, click on the “status” button at the top, and choose the Live video icon. You can start broadcasting your message and have it appear in the news feed.

How can I watch Facebook live on my computer?

Open your favorite browser, and visit Click in the status text box, then click on Live Video.