Does Jay Z have an Instagram account?

Jay-Z has officially launched his own Instagram account. The rapper took to the social media site for his first post yesterday (November 2), sharing a poster for new Netflix movie The Harder They Fall, which he produced.

Does Jay-Z have insta?

One day after Jay-Z made headlines for joining Instagram, the rapper and business mogul has seemingly deleted his account. Jay-Z, whose real name is Shawn Carter, joined the social media platform on Tuesday and gained 1.7 million by Wednesday morning.

Why is Jay-Z not on Instagram?

On November 3, the rapper joined Instagram to promote the Netflix movie he co-produced, The Harder They Fall. … After posting a singular photo (the movie poster) and an IG Story (a timer counting down to the film’s premiere on Netflix), JAY-Z dipped. By the morning of November 4, his account was gone.

Does Jay-Z have a social media account?

Jay-Z Immediately Deletes Instagram in History’s First Correct Use of Social Media. … On November 3, Jay-Z created an Instagram account. He quickly amassed over a million followers and chose to follow only one account, that of his wife Beyoncé.

Did Jay-Z delete his IG account?

One day after joining Instagram, Jay-Z has deactivated his account. After garnering more than two million followers and following one person — wife Beyoncé — the account from the 51-year-old hip hop mogul appears to be gone from the photo sharing platform.

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Who is Beyoncé Following on Instagram?

Jay Z is winning at life, and he may just have won Instagram, too: his is the first account that Queen Bey has followed since joining the platform in 2012.

What’s Jay-Z net worth?

The two deals helped lift the fortune of hip-hop’s first billionaire to $1.4 billion, up from $1 billion. It’s just the start.

What did Jay-Z do?

Shortly after its release, Jay-Z pleaded guilty to assault relating to a 1999 nightclub stabbing and received three years’ probation, but the incident did little to derail his career. Ahead of the release of The Black Album (2003), however, Jay-Z announced his retirement as a performer.

How many followers does Jay-Z have on Instagram?

Jay Z Joined Instagram, Quickly Amassed Almost 2 Million Followers, But.