How do I change my news feed settings on Facebook on iPhone?

How do I change my News Feed settings on Facebook Mobile?

Your News Feed preferences help you control what you see on your News Feed. In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture. Scroll down, then tap Settings. Scroll down, then tap News Feed below Preferences.

How do I change my News Feed settings on my iPhone?

Get Into News Feed Preferences

From here, you want to tap the “More” tab, located in the bottom right hand corner, and when the menu pops up, select the option for “News Feed Preferences”. This will drop you in the main menu for the latest line of News Feed controls.

How do I get Facebook to show most recent posts on iPhone?

Here’s How to Access the Most Recent Feed in the Facebook iPhone App

  1. Step #1. Open Facebook app → Tap on More from the menu (bottom.)
  2. Step #2. Tap on “See More.”
  3. Step #3. Scroll down and Tap on Most recent.
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Why is my Facebook feed only showing a few posts iPhone?

If your Facebook feed doesn’t appear to be showing the most recent posts, or if some posts which are shared to your Facebook page are missing, then the most likely explanation is that those posts in your feed may be shared from a user’s personal Facebook profile or a Facebook page which has an age or location …

How do I reset my Facebook news feed?

How to change the Facebook News Feed Settings:

  1. Click the three dots (…) next to News Feed and select Edit Preferences.
  2. Update which Friends you see first and which to Unfollow.
  3. Reconnect with Friends you’ve Unfollowed and ones you’ve Snoozed.
  4. Discover new Pages.

How do I fix my news feed on Facebook?

Below are the various methods on how to resolve the issue.

Method 6: Clear Facebook Cache and Temporary Data

  1. Step 01: Open the Facebook App.
  2. Step 02: Click on Settings.
  3. Step 03: Click on Account Settings.
  4. Step 04: Under Settings, choose.
  5. Step 05: Select Clear Data to proceed in clearing the cache and data in Facebook.

How do I get my news feed to show on my iPhone?

Tap Following, swipe to the bottom of the screen, then tap Notifications & Email. Swipe to the bottom of the screen, then turn on Apple News Newsletter.

How do I get the news feed on my iPhone?

Open a channel feed: Touch and hold a story, tap the channel name, then tap Go to Channel. Or tap a story in the Today feed, then tap the channel name at the top of the story. Open a topic feed: Tap the topic title—Movies or Travel, for example.

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Why is my News not updating on iPhone?

If News widget still fails to load, try to remove and re-install Apple News. The best way to do it is by using the offload option available in: Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> News -> Offload App. Use the Reinstall option that shows up, after the app has been offloaded!

How do I set my News Feed to most recent?

When looking for the “most recent button” on the Facebook website, all you do is click on the left-hand side of the news feed under Messenger, where it says, “See More.” Click that and scroll down until you see the “Most Recent” button.

Why are my Facebook posts not being seen 2021?

Basically, the Facebook algorithm is the platform’s way of deciding which posts to push in users’ feeds, and when those posts appear. Posts don’t appear in chronological order. Instead, the algorithm assesses and scores posts before ordering them based on interest in a user’s feed.

Why is Facebook feed so short?

Posts from Facebook pages are being de-prioritized so users have more interactions with friends and family and see less content from businesses and brands. “Because space in News Feed is limited, showing more posts from friends and family and updates that spark conversation means we’ll show less public content.”

Why am I not seeing all my friends Facebook posts?

Look for the ‘Most Recent’ option on the left side of your Facebook homepage. Clicking on it would change the newsfeed default of top posts first to most recent. Your feed will now show the most recent posts and updates made by your friends and the pages you follow.

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