How do I create a friend list on Facebook on my Iphone?

Click Custom Lists, then click Create List. Enter a name for your list and click Confirm, then enter the names of friends you’d like to add by clicking Add Friends. Keep in mind you can add or remove friends from your lists at any time.

How do I create friends lists on Facebook mobile app?

From your News Feed, click Friend Lists in the left menu. You may need to click See More first. Click + Create List. Enter a name for your list and the names of friends you’d like to add.

How do you turn on friends list on Facebook?

Updated mobile browser experience

  1. Tap in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Scroll down to Privacy and tap Privacy Settings.
  4. Tap Who can see your friends list? below How People Find and Contact You.
  5. Select the audience of people (such as Friends) you’d like to have access to your friends list.

Where is friends list on Facebook Mobile?

In the top left of Facebook, tap your profile picture. Scroll down to Friends and tap the name of the friend list. You’ll see a feed with a series of posts from people on your list. This may include posts they’ve shared, posts they reacted to or posts they’ve been tagged in.

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How do you create a smart list on Facebook?

Facebook is removing a type of Friend List called Smart Lists. These are the automatically created and automatically updated lists of friends based on Education, Work and Current City.

Why does a friend not show up on my friends list on Facebook?

In order for you to see your friends, both you and your friend will need to change the visibility setting. This setting was changed to “Only Me” by default in a recent Facebook update, and that’s why your friends have not been showing up in Clash Royale or other games you play after that.

How do you add friends on Facebook without using the button?

Navigate to the menu > settings & privacy > settings > privacy settings > who can send you friend requests > everyone/friends of friends. Hence, if someone changed their privacy setting to “friends of friends”, the “Add Friend” button will not show unless you’re friends with one of the person’s friends on Facebook.

How do you create a smart list?

How do I create a Smart List?

  1. First perform a search to set the criteria that you want your Smart List to be based on. …
  2. In the Search Results list, make sure you have no tasks selected so that the Save as Smart List button appears on the right.
  3. Click on Save as Smart List.
  4. Enter a name for your Smart List.
  5. Click on Save.

Is it friend list or Friends list?

A list, by itself, must contain different items so using the plural form in “friends lists” seems unnecessary. I wonder why this rule applies to all combinations (noun+noun), except “friends list”! Maybe it’s because of using FB as others already told.

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Are Facebook custom lists private?

As Facebook put it: “If you choose to share with one of your default lists (Close Friends, Acquaintances, Restricted) or a custom list, the people on that list will be able to see the other people included on that list; however, they won’t be able to see the name of that list.