Question: Is it possible to scrape Facebook data?

As the social media giant, Facebook has money, time and a dedicated legal team. If you proceed with scraping Facebook by ignoring their Automated Data Collection Terms, that’s OK, but just be warned that they have been reminded you to at least obtain “written permission”.

What kind of data can I scrape from Facebook?

A Facebook scraper refers to a tool that is engineered to mine data from public Facebook pages. Data extracted may include posts, comments, reviews, and enumeration of likes and shares on a post.

How do I scrape my Facebook profile data?

How to scrape data from Facebook profiles

  1. Create a free Phantombuster account.
  2. Connect to Facebook using PhantomBuster’s browser extension.
  3. Give the URLs of the Facebook profiles you want to scrape data from.
  4. Specify the number of profiles to process per launch.
  5. Set the Phantom on repeat.

Is scraping Reddit legal?

No its not. Reddit blocks web crawler’s especially web scraping and data crawling web crawlers. You can see 80legs(web-crawling company) has been blocked explicitly in their Robots.

Is Octoparse legal?

Octoparse is one of the most popular web scraping tools. If you have a scraping project to deal with, Octoparse can be a great tool to start with, and there are no legal concerns behind it.

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Can I scrape Facebook marketplace?

The steps to scrape vehicle listings from Facebook Marketplace are as follows: … Order free scrape. Review the sample file and request modifications (if any). Place an order and get car listings in a CSV file.

How do I scrape a Facebook post?

Let’s get started.

  1. 1 Step 1:Install Python 2.
  2. 2 Step 2:Get access token from the Facebook Graph API explorer. …
  3. 3 Step 3:Getting Facebook Page name or Group ID.
  4. 4 Step 4:Scraping Facebook Page posts data such Post statutes,Reactions count,Likes count,Shares count,comments count.

How do I scrape data from Facebook using Python?

Here are the steps for it.

  1. Go to link, create an account there.
  2. Go to link
  3. Go to “My apps” drop down in the top right corner and select “add a new app”. …
  4. Again get back to the same link …
  5. Then, select “Get Token”.

Is scraping SEC website legal?

The SEC does not allow botnets or automated tools to crawl the site. Any request that has been identified as part of a botnet or an automated tool outside of the acceptable policy will be managed to ensure fair access for all users.

Is site scraping legal?

It is perfectly legal if you scrape data from websites for public consumption and use it for analysis. However, it is not legal if you scrape confidential information for profit. For example, scraping private contact information without permission, and sell them to a 3rd party for profit is illegal.

Is it legal to scrape Instagram?

Scraping and gathering data that is private or covered by copyrights and other laws is illegal (for example, if you try to scrape content from an IG account that belongs to an artist/photographer and capture and reuse the photos from that account, that is illegal unless you have permission from the account and content …

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