Quick Answer: How do you know if you reported a video on YouTube?

Can you see who reports your video on YouTube?

Reporting on YouTube is done anonymously and the identity of the person reporting is not disclosed to anyone, not even the channel owner. You can report a video, a comment, a playlist or an entire channel with this same concept and no one will know who did it.

What happens if you falsely report a YouTube video?

Once you report a video youtube team will manually verify the report. if they think your report is legal then YT will take necessary steps depending on the report on the other hand if the report turns back and shows that your claim is fake, there will be a chance you will get a warning.

How many flags does it take to remove a YouTube video?

Just One Copyright Takedown Request or Community Guidelines Strike will take down the video. In addition, three such strikes within a 90 day period will disable monetization and/or delete the channel and all its contents . Repeated violations may cause the channel to be deleted by YouTube.

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What happens when a YouTube video is flagged?

When flagging a video, human flaggers can select a reason they are reporting the video and leave comments or video timestamps for YouTube’s reviewers. This chart shows the flagging reasons that people selected when reporting YouTube content. … Flagging a video does not necessarily result in it being removed.

How many reports does it take to delete a YouTube channel?

A YouTube channel is terminated if it accrues three Community Guidelines strikes in 90 days, has a single case of severe abuse (such as predatory behavior), or is determined to be wholly dedicated to violating our guidelines (as is often the case with spam accounts).

Can you get in trouble for YouTube comments?

Based on the severity of the issue, either the local cops or the FBI will knock your door for enquire. If found guilty, then you may face a punishment of 5 years in federal prison and a fine ranging between $150,000 to $250,000.

How long does it take for YouTube to remove a reported video?

It takes 5 min to 3 working days to remove videos that have valid flags.

How do you delete someone else’s video on YouTube?

How to Have YouTube Remove Someone’s Video

  1. Click the flag icon below a video on YouTube to open the Report This Video area.
  2. Select an issue, such as “Infringes my rights.” Select an issue subcategory from the drop-down menu below the main issue, such as the “Infringes my copyright” or “Invades my privacy” options.

How do you get someone’s YouTube channel removed?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to youtube.com and sign into your account, if necessary.
  2. Go to the page of the channel you want to report.
  3. Click on their “About” section.
  4. Click the flag icon under the Stats section and select “Report User.”
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Can you report a YouTube channel?

To report a channel, you must do so on a computer. Click the Computer tab and follow the instructions under “Report a channel”. If you see an ad that is inappropriate or even violates Google’s ad policies, you can report it. … Reporting ads is only available on YouTube mobile and desktop.

How do you undo a report on YouTube?

There is no way to ‘undo’ a report. Staff will review the report and if there is nothing wrong, nothing will happen to the channel in question. In future, don’t do things like that ‘for informational purposes’.

How do I take back a report on YouTube?

Originally Answered: I accidentally hit report spam on a YouTube video comment and made the comment unavailable how do I undo it? You only actually made it unavailable for your account. YouTube won’t remove the comment until there are multiple reports, but you can’t undo it.