Your question: How do you use twitter moments?

What are some ways to use twitter moments?

When you see a Moment you’d like to explore, tap it to scroll through the story. You can tap the more icon to Tweet the Moment, share via Direct Message, or tap Share via… to choose from a variety of sharing options, such as SMS and email. Read about sharing a Tweet for more information.

Do people use twitter moments?

By extending this creative format to everyone, Twitter says they’re “giving people a new and dynamic way to tell their stories.” Moments have already been used by a wide range of brands, individuals, and groups. … It’s a powerful Twitter feature, continuing to help build community as we engage specific topics and events.

What happens when you publish a moment on Twitter?

They can be tweeted, liked, pinned, and embedded like normal tweets, but when you tap to open a Moment, it shows you a collection of different tweets. Moments are published with a cover photo and introduction, likening them to a “best of” compilation article.

How do I see Twitter memories?

Memories are the only thing we can have right with our experiences.

How to Find Tweets by Date

  1. You will get prompted to log in with twitter/ authorize Twilert. …
  2. Go to the “Old Tweets” tab at the top of the screen.
  3. Here you will see a listing to view old tweets by date.
  4. There is a date/time picker in the interface.
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How do I use Twitter fleet?

If you’d like to share a tweet (your own or someone else’s) via Fleets, here’s how:

  1. Tap the “share” icon at the bottom of a Tweet.
  2. Tap Share in a Fleet.
  3. Now, add any additional text or emojis.
  4. Tap the Fleet button in the top right corner.

Can you edit twitter moments?

Once you publish your moment, you’ll be prompted to create a tweet to promote it. Moments are easily identified by a lightning bolt icon on your tweets. You can edit, unpublish, or delete a moment at any time, but it must be the actual moment, not the tweet promoting it.

Why can’t I see moments on twitter?

On October 23, we’re removing the ability to create Moments on the Twitter for iOS or Android apps. When features aren’t used as often, we’ll remove them, so we can focus on building other products you’ll love. Have a story you want to tell through a Moment? It’s still possible!

How many tweets can you add to a moment?

Twitter hasn’t published an official limit on Moments, however it’s widely reported by users that there is a maximum of roughly 100 tweets. If you’re looking to curate more tweets than that, you could do so easily in a WordPress blog or other site that allows easy embeds of Tweets.