Best answer: Is FB Profile lock available in USA?

Is Facebook profile lock available in USA?

Log into your Facebook account. Click on your Facebook profile picture on the upper-left-hand side of the screen. Click on “Turn on Profile Picture Guard” from the pop-up. Once you enable this feature, your Facebook profile picture will be locked.

How can I lock my Facebook profile in USA Android?

How to Lock Facebook Profile on Android and iPhone?

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap on your Profile.
  2. Now tap on the three-dot menu next to the ‘Add to Story’ section.
  3. Here, you will find the ‘Lock Profile’ option. Tap on it and you will be taken to the Lock Profile page.
  4. Tap on the ‘Lock Your Profile’ button to confirm.

In which country FB Profile lock is available?

Facebook has introduced a new safety feature in India that will now enable users to “lock” their profiles completely so that only their friends can see the posts, photos, and videos.

Which country has Facebook lock?

Facebook’s ‘Lock Your Profile’ feature has come to the UAE.

How can I lock my Facebook profile if there is no option?

If the profile lock is not available on your Facebook page, manually modify the Facebook privacy settings to enable lock profile mode. If you want your friend to lock their profile, you can invite friends to lock their profile to allow them to this mode.

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Is lock profile available in Philippines?

Lock your Facebook profile so only friends can view it. … At the moment, however, the feature to lock your Facebook profile is not yet available in the Philippines and several other countries.

Is Facebook profile lock available in UK?

The feature is unavailable on the Facebook iPhone app or the desktop version of Facebook – The Facebook profile lock is also limited to a few countries only at the moment, such as the UK, Bangladesh, India, etc. That’s why you may not see Facebook profile lock on some profiles or in some countries.

Can I lock my Facebook profile in Canada?

Tap More under your name. Tap Lock Profile. Tap Lock Your Profile again to confirm.

Can I lock my Facebook profile in Philippines?

When you’re in your profile, click the three tiny dots on the right side of the page. From the next set of options that appear, choose the one with the shield sign next to it. On the next page, click the blue button, which will finally have your profile locked.