How do I open YouTube in chrome on iPhone?

How do I make Chrome my default on iPhone?

Download Chrome for iPhones and iPads.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Chrome app .
  2. Tap More. Settings.
  3. Tap Default browser.
  4. Tap Open Chrome settings. Default browser app.
  5. Set Chrome as your Default browser app.

How do I make Chrome open instead of Safari on iPhone?

Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad, search for ‘Chrome’, or scroll down to the Chrome app settings. In Chrome’s settings page, chose the ‘Default browser’ option, then switch the checkmark from Safari to Chrome.

How do I add YouTube to Chrome?

Launch Google Chrome and head to Then click the “+” icon in the address bar and then the Install button. Alternately, you can click the Settings button on the upper-right corner of the browser. Then from the menu click Install YouTube.

How do I open YouTube in browser instead of app?

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  1. Open your Settings.
  2. Tap Apps.
  3. Tap ⁝.
  4. Tap Default Apps.
  5. Tap Set as Default.
  6. Tap YouTube.
  7. Tap Go to Supported URLs.
  8. Select In this app.
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How do I watch YouTube on Safari not app?

You can quickly access the desktop version of YouTube in Safari for iOS by opening the Safari app, and typing “ app=desktop” without quotes. From there, tap “Go” and you will be immediately taken to the desktop version of YouTube.

How do I open YouTube in browser not app?

Step 1: Follow Step 1 to Step 4 as in the previous method to view the settings of the YouTube Android app or simply long tap on the YouTube icon and in the pop-up window tap on “App info”. Step 2: Tap on the “Disable” button towards the right. If successful this will stop the YouTube app from opening YouTube links.

Do I need both Google and Google Chrome on my iPhone?

Do I Need Both Google And Google Chrome? Yes, you’re going to need both Google and Google Chrome on your device, even if you only use one or the other.

How do I set Chrome to open links instead of Safari?

Copy & Tap a Home Screen Shortcut

Head back to the “Open in Chrome” shortcut’s workflow from the “Library” tab directly in the app. Next, tap the Settings icon up top, then “Add to Home Screen.” This will open up a link to the shortcut in Safari, then you just add it to your home screen like any other webpage.

How do I make Chrome open links instead of Safari?

If you’re already on the page in Safari that you want to open in Chrome, tap the Share button from the bottom toolbar. Now, swipe up in the Share sheet and scroll past the apps section. In the Actions section, tap the “Open In Chrome” shortcut that we just added.

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How do I change the browser that opens links on my iPhone?

Go to Settings and scroll down until you find the browser app or the email app. Tap the app, then tap Default Browser App or Default Mail App. Select a web browser or email app to set it as the default. A checkmark appears to confirm it’s the default.

How do I change from Safari to Chrome?

Recommended. In order to make the change, users will need to download the latest version of Google Chrome from Apple’s App Store. After that, they will need to navigate to the Settings app, select Chrome, tap the “Default Browser App” button and change its setting from Safari to Chrome.