How do you make a 3 minute video on Instagram?

How do you post a 3 minute video to a story?

How to post videos longer than 15 seconds to Instagram Story

  1. 1) Download Split Video and launch the app.
  2. 2) Tap Select Video and choose the video you want to split. …
  3. 3) Browse your library and choose a video longer than 15 seconds.

How do I make a long Instagram video?

If you want to post a video longer than 60 seconds in your feed, just cut the video into 60-second parts and post it as a slideshow or a carousel post. Instagram Story: Instagram allows you to upload stories of up to 15 seconds. This is the maximum length for an individual story.

How do you post a 2 minute video on Instagram?


  1. Launch the Gallery app.
  2. Select the video you want to trim and tap the Scissors icon.
  3. Tap Trim.
  4. Drag the slider from the left or right to increase or decrease the duration.
  5. Tap the check mark icon when you’re done.

Where is the IGTV button?

Back in January of 2020, Instagram pulled the IGTV button from the home screen, with it ending up under the plus button on the user’s profile.

How do I add IGTV to Instagram?


  1. From a computer, open your web browser and go to
  2. Go to your profile and click IGTV.
  3. Click Upload.
  4. Click and choose a video, or drag and drop a video file.
  5. Add a title and description. …
  6. Click Post.
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Where is IGTV in Instagram?

And Instagram wants to be as simple as possible. A spokesperson from Facebook said: “Very few are clicking into the IGTV icon in the top right corner of the home screen in the Instagram app.

How do I increase video length?

Replay the video multiple times in a row to multiply the length. For example, a 2 second clip looped 4x creates an 8 second video. You replay the action of the clip rather than altering it. To loop: This video looper lets you loop your clip for free.

Does Instagram still have IGTV?

IGTV is no longer a thing, with Instagram rolling it into a new video format simply called Instagram Video. You may have been wondering why your Instagram profile looks a little different than it used to do.

How do I upload IGTV less than 1 minute?

Step 1: First of all, you have to tap on the plus icon present at the bottom and choose the video you want to upload and then, tap Next. Step 2: Here, you need to select Long Video to share a video that’s at least 60 seconds to IGTV.