Quick Answer: Can my YouTube name be different from Google?

When you create a channel on YouTube, you can choose a channel name and profile picture for YouTube that’s different from your Google Account. … Your Google Account is always your primary account; the YouTube name is only your public persona on YouTube.

Can I change my YouTube name without changing my Google name?

YouTube allows creators to change the name of their channel without it affecting the name on their Google account. … Now, you can use one name for your YouTube channel and another name for messages sent from your Gmail account, for example.

How do I separate my YouTube name and Google name?

You can not change your YouTube Channel name without changing the Google account name. However, if you change your channel to a brand channel, you can change the name of that channel without affecting your default google account. Click your profile icon. This circular icon is on the top-right side of the page.

How do I change my YouTube name from my real name?

Change your channel name

  1. In the mobile app, tap your profile picture .
  2. Tap Your Channel.
  3. Tap Edit Channel .
  4. Enter your updated name and tap OK.
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Can you change your YouTube username?

Yes, you can rename your YouTube channel, and it couldn’t be easier. YouTube creators can more easily change their profile name and picture now, without changing their Google account information. … The change will help keep your YouTube name and content separate from your Google services, such as Gmail and Google Docs.

How do I change my display name on YouTube comments?

How to change my name on YouTube comments?

  1. When signed in, click on your avatar in the top-right corner.
  2. Click “Settings” in the menus.
  3. Next, click “Edit on Google” in the “Account” section.
  4. There click “Name” and type your alternative first and last names.

Can there be two YouTube channels with same name?

Yes, there can be multiple channels with the same name; if the channel name is the name of a person or something popular or a Proper Noun, then it is highly likely that there can be more than one.

How do I change my YouTube URL name?

Set up a custom URL

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left Menu, select Customization. …
  3. Under Channel URL, click Set a custom URL for your channel.
  4. You can choose the suggested custom URL based on your channel name or add extra letters or numbers to make your custom URL unique.

Should I use my real name on YouTube?

Whatever you feel comfortable with. If your alright using your real name then go for it. But as other posters have mentioned, for security reasons some choose a fake name. It’s all up to the individual.

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Why can’t I change my YouTube channel name?

Why Can’t I Change My YouTube Channel Name? If you’ve tried to change your name and could not do it, it’s likely because it’s been changed three times in a 90 day period already. Now, you’ll have to wait for another 90 days to change it again.