Why is my photo library not showing up on Instagram?

If your Instagram pictures are not showing up, go back to Google Play Store or App Store and check whether any update is available or not. If there is an update available for the app, update it immediately. Often times, this resolves the issue.

Why isn’t my photo library showing up on Instagram?

FIgured it out. Seems the issue is to do with photos in the cloud and not on the phone. So to force the photo to appear in Instagram, go to the image on your Photos app and then ‘Favourite’ it. Then, reopen Instagram and go to the Favourites album and it should appear … might take a few moments to download.

Why can’t I access my photos to post on Instagram?

Often cache memory leads applications not to perform the current activity. This can be one of the main reasons the is preventing you from posting photos/videos on Instagram. For clearing the Instagram cache you need to open the app manager or directly access Instagram app storage settings.

Why can’t I access all photos uploaded to my camera roll and photos app into Instagram stories?

You may not have provided permissions for IG to access your camera or storage. on Android, go to Settings>Apps>Instagram>permissions> swipe right on all options. Exit settings, close IG and reopen.

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Why doesn’t Instagram show photos in my library 2021?

Depending on the device, Instagram may hide some pictures from you due to the filesystem limitations of the device. Under Android, some pictures are in folders that also contain a file called “. nomedia”, which instructs the phone to hide any files in that folder from other apps.

How do I enable library access?

You can always enable Photo Library access by our Apps in your device’s Settings: Open your device’s “Settings” -> “Privacy” -> “Photos”. Find the App you want to enable access, and turn on Read and Write access.